Merlin Living is a ceramic home decoration factory that focuses on design and production, integrating industry and trade.

Merlin Living Ceramic Crafts 4

Main Products Series

Merlin has 4 series of products: Handpainting, Handmade, 3D printing, and Artstone. The Handpainting series features rich colors and special artistic effects. The handmade finish focuses on a soft touch and high value, while the 3D printing offers more unique shapes. The Artstone series allows the items to return to nature.

3D Printing Ceramic Vase Series

3D printing ceramic decorative vases are more modern and fashionable, and more in line with the style direction of Merlin Living, the leader of the modern home decoration industry in China. At the same time, intelligent production makes product customization easier and efficient proofing, making complex shapes easier to make.

Handmade ceramics

This series of ceramics is soft in shape and uses hand-made lace designs. It is ever-changing and of high artistic value. It is a work of art that combines aesthetic and practical value and is in line with the design concept of modern young life.

Hand painted ceramics

Acrylic raw material painting has good adhesion on ceramics, and the colors are rich and bright. It is suitable for painting on ceramics. Moreover, acrylic raw materials have strong penetrating power on ceramics. Not only can penetrate deep into the ceramics, but also the colors can be superimposed and mixed with each other to form rich color effects. The effect is that after painting, the product can be waterproof and oil-proof, and the color can be preserved on the ceramic surface for a long time.

Artstone ceramics

The design inspiration of the ceramic travertine series comes from the texture of natural marble travertine. It adopts special ceramic technology to make the product realize the natural uniqueness of natural holes. It integrates the natural artistic sense into the product, allowing the product to become one with nature and return to nature. attributes of life pursuits.

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