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Thank you very much for clicking in to learn more about Merlin Living. Here is a comprehensive introduction page. For detailed description, you can click on the corresponding overview area READ MORE. I believe that after you fully understand it, you will fully trust us.

Merlin Living and its brands, adhering to the concept of quality-oriented and service-oriented as the responsibility of the enterprise; from the beginning, it was only a ceramic factory that focused on production, because of the reputation of product quality, reasonable price, and high-quality service quality, it has gradually been trusted by industry customers. As a result, it has become a well-known brand in the industry, stepped onto the international stage, developed into international trade, international soft decoration scheme cooperation, and has the ability to fully support one-stop home decoration services at home and abroad. After decades of experience and reputation Accumulation has made us realize that shouldering customer expectations is also a responsibility. Merlin Living, both at home and abroad, will continue to optimize quality and service and keep pace with the international aesthetic standards to live up to all customers who choose Merlin Living. Treat each other with sincerity and sincerity.


Merlin Living has a factory area of 50,000㎡, hundreds of outstanding technical personnel, a warehouse area of 30,000㎡, and 1,000㎡ + direct-operated stores. It is an enterprise integrating industry, trade and design. It has established a ceramic factory since 2004 and has devoted itself to production. With ceramic research and development, our own quality inspection team has created excellent quality control, making the innovation and production quality of our products popular in the global market; we have been participating in China's import and export trade exhibitions for many years, and have been seen by more foreign customers at the exhibitions. Through services and trade, Merlin Living has been more recognized by customers, and has been providing OEM/ODM services to domestic and foreign customers. It always pays attention to the international market, and its keen insight and years of industry experience have made Merlin Living at the forefront of the industry, so much so that it has been selected by many international Fortune 500 companies. The strong enterprise's choice as a cooperative enterprise further consolidates Merlin Living's position in the industry and the international recognition of its products and quality.

In 2013, Merlin Living was formally founded in Shenzhen, the "capital of design" in China, to receive domestic and foreign customers; in the same year, Changyi Design Department was established to serve the customer groups who demanded interior home decoration and soft decoration design. After unremitting efforts, it achieved excellent results and was awarded the Shenzhen Home Furnishing Association, a key unit in the industry, issued the "Jinxi Award for Home Furnishing Innovation Design". After accumulating a certain reputation, in 2017, an independent department was formally established as a design brand CY living to continue to serve customers. Because of Merlin Living's product reputation in international trade, more foreign friends know about CY living, and gradually move towards internationalization. Customers carry out in-depth physical project soft decoration design cooperation.